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About IBA
Iraqi Businessmen Association is the first Association that was founded in Iraq in 2001, and includes excellent toast of the Iraqi businessmen of industrial and commercial, old and known families of local, and international levels.

The association is the only official representative in the Federation of Arab Businessmen which is related to the Council of Arab Economic Unity, of the League of Arab states, and we have two memberships in the mentioned Federation.

There is an annual conference held in one of the Arab countries to allow businessmen meeting.

Our association is always invited to all Arabic and international economic activities that the League of Arab States have signed cooperation protocols with, and they led to large Arabic and international meetings and events, we always had a distinguished role in these events, and you are well aware the importance of these events in communication with people of other countries especially businessmen, in turn we make a major effort in inviting them to invest in Iraq and assist in its construction.
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