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Association Speach
Association President’s Speech
In 2000, the need came up for the existence of a community gathering the distinguished businessmen in their business fields without interrupting the other economical events in Iraq including organizations known to all. This principle has been crystallized and was launched under the name of “Iraqi Businessmen Association” and it was licensed by the concerned authority.

It attracted may businessmen after accepting its aims and agenda. The association began to expand its members subject to the affiliation conditions and also it developed its activity in the Iraqi level and had cooperation protocols with similar Arabian, territorial and global organizations.

The association joined the Federation Arab Businessmen (F A B) as the sole representative of the Iraqi businessmen and became now a member of the F A B board participated effectively in the F A B activities aiming to create cooperation and coordination between the Iraqi businessmen and their Arab equals and the association is keeping on.

Moreover, the association did not cease following up its members and finding the cooperation opportunities between them and their equals of the non – Iraqi.

Thamir Razouki Al Sheikhly
Association President
Secretary’s Speech
It is undoubtedly that the name of “Iraqi Businessmen Association” refers to its content as an association caring for its members of Iraqi Businessmen especially those who are distinguished and successful in their business and of the good name either at the personal or at the business levels; a matter required the joining of those who had the opportunity to be members in the association of the elite of Iraqi Businessmen. Undoubtedly, they are all of the elite but the joining opportunities differ according to the circumstances of each businessman.

Our association could go along distinguishably on the national level since incorporation of the same in 2001 and until now. So that the association became a an entity that is known locally, internationally and on the Arab world level and has good relationships with its equals on all levels internationally and is called to the most of economical and financial events of whatever nature; thanks to its distinguished and creative members in their participations in such events when they have a distinguished presence.

The association is a member of respectable presence in the Federation of Arab Businessmen and it always cares for the annual meeting of the Arab businessmen which is always held annually in an Arab member country in the federation for representing such country and for mutual acquaintance and cooperation among Iraqi businessmen and their equals in the Arab World. This has resulted in a lot of the mutual cooperation fields.

The association is continuing its approach for serving the Iraqi businessmen generally and its members particularly as long as the opportunity exists for the same without interrupting with any organization of similar activity or other Iraqi economical events as we feel that the only aim is serving our country and our proud people who are looking for a distinguished role for our association and other activities so as to establish the business principles built upon our original values and serving our people without disgusting exploitation or illicit gains. This is what think is represented in the most of private sector as they think that the country shall not be built by other than its people. Now, we need to be united for rebuilding our dear home after the destruction it suffered as a result of the circumstances known by everybody. So, everyone is invited to have this great honor.

I wish everyone success in their business for serving our beloved Iraq and the good kind people thereof.

Mohammed Hassan Al Hadithy
Association Secretary