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Membership Conditions:
First: The association member shall meet the following conditions:
  1. Iraqi National.
  2. Above eighteen years.
  3. Not convicted in any crime or felony involving moral turpitude.
  4. Accept the associationís articles.
  5. He must be a holder of a university degree, preparatory degree along with other qualifications. The administrative body may accept the candidate member on exception of the degree condition.
Second: The candidate shall own, participate in or manage a clear patriotic activity and be of an experience that is not less than 12 years in this field.
Third: The candidate businessman shall apply on an membership application under a form to be signed by him and supported by two of the association working members.
Fourth: The administrative body may accept the association members among:
  1. Arab businessmen, economists and consultants permanently or interruptedly existing in Iraq saving that their percentage may not exceed (52 %) of the total members.
  2. Legal persons related to the associationís objectives.
Membership Application:
  1. The applicant shall apply for membership to the association by filling in the membership form and signing the same along with attaching his personal photo, a copy of the passport in addition to any papers of his company / companies and the type of his business.
  2. The application form shall be served to the association through the email or be delivered in person in the office of the association.
  3. The affiliate applicant shall pay the membership charges of USD 300.
  4. In case of approving the application, the affiliate shall receive a phone call or an email message informing him that the IDs are ready.
  5. The IDs shall be valid for one single year as of the issuance date.
Subscription Renewal:
  1. The member shall fill in the information updating form along with a recent photo and the old ID or a copy thereof.
  2. The application form shall be served to the association through the email or to be delivered in person at the office of the association.
  3. The member shall pay the subscription renewal amount of USD 200.